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Photography really started for me when my first daughter was born.

The willing of capturing each moment of her life made me practice constantly with a simple digital camera, actually many cameras as they didn’t last much because of over use.


I always loved photos and enjoyed taking pictures to a point of becoming annoying to some friends and family members because I wanted them to pose all the time.


For me photos are the expression of that special moment that words or video aren’t capable of translating. Expressions of love, passion, happiness, life…


I obsessively look for the angle that shows the beauty of each individual and for details that balance things out and harmonize that very second.


I love photographing people and their spontaneity, from models (kids, teenagers, elders) to Birthday parties and Weddings.


My style is photojournalism. To me that’s the real art when it comes to photography.

I have worked with the most famous photographers of South Florida learning from their techniques and different perspectives.


I want my pictures to be cool, unconventional and unique.

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